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Demographic: New managers

Level: Beginner / Refresher

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Maybe you used our Skills Evaluation Tool to help you determine where the gaps are in your knowledge or you may have realised it’s time to learn some new skills or update what you already know in the tricky world of people management.

The best advice we could ever offer you is never to ignore people problems at work, they do not go away and invariably get worse.   If you already work in people management, you will be familiar with your daily juggling act, we know your role will have likely changed over time and you are now handling all manner of people issues as well as delivering your “day job”.  Equipping yourself with some new skills will help take the stress out of this for you.  You’ll learn tips and tools to make your life easier, that’s got to be worth checking out!

We are pleased to see you here and excited about the difference taking this course will make for you.  You will develop knowledge and learn practical skills so your confidence will start to grow.  The more you practice your new skill set, the more comfortable you will feel, honestly!

What you will learn includes: 

  • Employment law essentials and practical skills for your toolkit
  • Recruitment and selection of employees and the importance of induction
  • Attendance management – lateness, short and long term sickness, time off for dependants
  • Inclusivity
  • Creating a family friendly working environment
  • Wellbeing of self and team
  • Performance Management that works
  • Handling behaviour and conduct issues

Enjoy it.

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