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Demographic: Experienced Managers

Level: Intermediate


This course is designed to offer a more advanced toolkit of skills for those who have experience of people management and have grapsed the basics and had the opportunity to put these into practice.  Ideal for preparing for the next level of management where you are likely to be called upon to make important decisions like whether to uphold a grievance or terminate the employment of a colleague who has seriously breached the organisation’s rules.

If you used our Skills Evaluation Tool to help you determine where the gaps are in your knowledge, you will find this course helpful as it addresses many of the key competences you’ll need.  We recommend as you take this course you invest time in checking out your organisation’s policies and procedures and reflect on home similar situations have been handled.  This will help embed your learning to apply in the way expected by your employer.

Of course you can still take this course if you are new to management to improve your knowledge, but you might find it harder to put into context without some “hands on” exposure.

At this level, we are keen to upskill you to be not only competent in a wider range of areas, but also a highly effective manager.  We’ve included lots of practical skills and tips as we work through the content.

What you will learn includes: 

  • Handling a disciplinary investigation
  • Chairing a disciplinary hearing and advising the outcome including dismissals
  • Investigating and handling a grievance to hearing and outcome
  • Dealing with difficult behaviour
  • Conducting an Absence Review where attendance needs to improve
  • Considering disability and obligations under the Equality Act 2010
  • Handling an underperforming employee / performance improvement process
  • Recognising Stress in yourself and others
  • Leadership skills
  • High performing habits


Enjoy it.

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