Price: £197

Demographic: Managers

Level: Beginner


This course is designed to offer a more advanced toolkit of skills for those who have experience of people management and have grasped the basics and had the opportunity to put these into practice.  Ideal for gaining an in depth understanding of the changing face of recruitment and selection in today’s organisations.  Covering the latest application methods and the importance of getting your recruitment message right to attract talent across various generations with the skills you need, this course will equip you to recruit fairly and inclusively.

As candidates have the right to bring discrimination claims against prospective employers, you need to know how to safeguard yourself and your organisation from any potential challenges that selection decisions were made for any reason other than ability to do the job.

We recommend as you take this course you invest time in checking out your organisation’s policies and procedures for recruitment and reflect on how similar situations have been handled.  If you haven’t had much opportunity to get involved with the recruitment process, you would benefit from working with your HR team (if you have one) to practice your new skills for real.  This will help embed your learning to apply in the way expected by your employer.

At this level, we are keen to upskill you to be not only competent in a wider range of areas, but also a highly effective manager.  We’ve included lots of practical skills and tips as we work through the content.

What you will learn includes: 

  • Writing a Job Description and Person Specification based on the skills and experience you need
  • Advertising – how to access a range of candidates with skills you need
  • Preparing for the selection process, designing assessments to measure candidates against the criteria
  • Writing focused interview questions to find out what you need to know, (no naff Q’s like strengths & weaknesses or what would your old boss say about you!)
  • Assessing candidate performance post selection fairly against the criteria and collating feedback
  • Giving feedback to unsuccessful candidates
  • Making conditional employment offers
  • Dealing with candidates disatisfied with their feedback who challenge your evaluation of their skills
  • Preparing for the arrival of your new colleague – Induction and Training arrangements to increase long term retention

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