Managing your career should be enjoyable and something to get excited about

You have more influence on this than you realise.

I’ve met so many managers over the years who are really good people, but they should never have been appointed to managerial roles which they just were not cut out for.  You could say they could have recognised that and helped themselves with their own development or changing jobs, but it didn’t used to be as easy to learn outside of work as it is now and of course, you have the pride issue to overcome.  After being a Manager for years, you can understand their sense of embarrassment admitting they didn’t want to do that anymore and what if there aren’t any other jobs in their company they have the skills for?, they’ve got bills to pay, so they are stuck as they may not be able to earn the same income from a non-managerial role.

Many managers have been so badly affected by holding a role they just can’t cope with, it has had a seriously negative impact on how they behave at work, their mental and physical health and this is reflected in those around them who experience the same knock on effects and feel unsupported by their manager’s lack of action.  I’ve learnt this always comes back to a lack of training or development.  Therefore, when faced with a challenging situation or person, it’s so much easier to avoid handling it and any subsequent conflict if you ignore it.  Then you don’t have to address it.  That’s been a primary survival technique for many of my colleagues.  They aren’t happy about it, but over time this has become the norm and it’s less painful than tackling someone who they don’t have the confidence to handle.  Unfortunately, this also affects their health as stress can still arise from trying to act like you know what you are doing, when you don’t.  Losing the respect of your team because you are so passive and let others get away with things you shouldn’t is a massive issue.  This causes frustration and leads to losing some of your top performers because as we know, research has shown the most common reason for anyone leaving their job is that they have a “bad boss”. Different HR really wants to work with you to help you change this and help anyone that want’s to, be the best manager they can be!

No one said managing people is easy, but it’s a whole lot easier when you are equipped with the knowledge and skills you need.

It’s likely you are here for one of THESE reasons:

  • Been managing teams for a while, feeling a bit rusty and know it’s time to update your skills to be more effective
  • You realise you have gaps in your knowledge that is exhausting to keep trying to cover up
  • You are miserable, feeling stressed and the pressure of managing a “difficult” team to deliver is starting to affect your health
  • Promoted because you were doing a great job using your specialist knowledge and skills
  • Promised support and training to learn how to handle the transition, which never came about
  • Maybe you received very little development or training, if any


  • Would you like to sleep well the night before chairing a disciplinary meeting or dealing with underperformance?
  • Are you fed up with feeling stressed, having no time for you or the things that matter in your life?
  • Do you want to feel confident in how you approach your role everyday, even if you don’t know how to do a particular task?

We’ve developed a range of solutions for people managers like you at each stage of your career.


  • Establish what you already know and understand using the Evaluation Tool on the Homepage – this will highlight your development areas
  • Create your own Action Plan of what you need to learn and how you will achieve this – we can provide a free template to help you
  • Allocate time to your development, taking any opportunities to stretch you outside your comfort zone (try something new everyday mentality – we don’t mean food!)
  • Research what you don’t know how to do (it’s never been easier thanks to search engines) and crack on!

Once you’ve got to stage 4 and reflected on where you are and what’s missing, you’ve made great progress!  With our time saving free tools, you’re half way there.


No matter how much you’d like to progress, if you know you’ll struggle to work out the content for your Action Plan or are short of time, no problem, we can do this for you for only £75.  This includes reviewing your Evaluation Tool results (help yourself from the home page) and turning this into a bespoke Development Action Plan with tasks to enable learning, relevant references to research and where to find quality online resources and training tools to build your knowledge and start to fill any gaps.  Then you’re good to get started.

To hold you to account, we will contact you a month after devising your Development Action Plan to check on your progress and if you want to, you are welcome to send us weekly updates if this will motivate you to stay on track and we can offer relevant advice during that first month to make sure you get off to a flying start.

Once you have started your journey, check out what else we offer, our online courses in practical management skills, our blogs and our coaching services.  These are all designed to help support you to becoming a good or even better manager!

Our Management Essentials Toolkit Online Course is a perfect opportunity for you to refresh yourself on key skills such as fair recruitment and selection, how to be an Inclusive manager and handle misconduct. Click here to find out more.

If you feel this is too low a starting point for you, check out the Advanced Management Toolkit Online Course which covers more complex management scenarios you may face such as chairing a disciplinary hearing, hearing a grievance appeal, supporting a seriously ill employee or declining a flexible working request.

Click here to request your free consultation to discuss your needs in more detail.