Been out of the recruitment market for a while, not sure where to start?

Maybe you’ve been made redundant and you now need to look for work, having never made a job application or attended an interview before in your life……

Confused by the terminology, don’t know your job descriptions from person specifications, personality profiles and psychometrics? No problem it’s easy when you de-code all this jargon.

All any employer wants is to recruit the best person for the job.  If you can make it as easy as possible for any employer to see that you are exactly what they are looking for, job done!

Need guidance on how to apply, update or create your CV and make a strong application?

Job hunting has changed so much over the last few years and although some organisations still rely on paper applications, the majority of employers recruit online now.  You need to learn essential skills to be best placed to tap into the opportunities out there.  Today’s recruitment is all about CV optimisation and matching candidates with available roles, using Linkedin to advertise positions and targeting specific demographics.  This can reduce the effort of the job hunter, if you are lucky.  Your details have to be out there of course to be in with a chance of being matched to a role.  Recruitment agencies play their role, but experiences and quality of service varies dramatically, likely due to high performance targets they need to reach which impacts on their ability to offer the service you should receive.  If you find a good agency, that behaves honestly and ethically, stick with them.  You still need to know how to make a stand out application whether that’s by email, using your CV. through an application portal, on paper, over the telephone or a simply a conversation over a coffee when you’ve been approached to see if you are interested in working for them!

Notcandidate sure where to start with interview preparation?

Maybe the thought of preparing and delivering a presentation terrifies you?  We really can help you not only with how to approach the assessment, but advise you on how to present on your subject, practice with you giving you constructive feedback to enable you to shine on the day.  This will give  you confidence in your abilities and as you think, so you shall become..





  • Improved confidence in own abilities
  • CV review and update along with job seeking support are included (up to 5 positions)
  • Learn how to express your skills, knowledge and experience to get you shortlisted (only if you have it – we can’t work miracles and we want you to get a job where you will thrive)
  • Learn how to manage associated stressors to enable you to succeed with any fears behind you
  • Demystify today’s recruitment processes
  • Opportunity to practice sample interview questions to help you learn how to demonstrate you meet the job criteria by talking with ease about your experience
  • Referral to a network of established specialist and trusted recruitment agencies (as appropriate)

If you are looking for help getting the job you want AND WOULD LIKE TO ENJOY THE PROCESS we would love to chat to you about your aims for the future

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