Does your team:

  • Run smoothly whether you are there or not?
  • Support each other through the rough times and share successes?
  • Communicate well, able to cover parts of each other’s roles towards common goals through their “collective pulse”?
  • Have trust amongst the members where they can rely on each other and share information readily, their concerns and ideas openly and give honest feedback that is positively received?
  • Exceed expectations and pull together in a way that makes you feel proud?

If not, then simple changes can have a huge impact, switching unnecessary meetings for punchy short updates really helps – this must include lessons learnt.  How often do we all reinvent the wheel as if we didn’t know someone had already tried a square version that didn’t work!  Making sure everyone is doing what they should be sounds obvious but is so often ignored because it’s too difficult.  Sound familiar?  You’re busy, you haven’t time for another “difficult” conversation or for one of Pete’s “moods”, so it’s easier to let sleeping dogs lie….


TIME FOR change

We’ve all known lazy colleagues or those who just haven’t been up to the job and it’s really frustrating seeing them struggle or do very little.  Brushing things under the carpet and ignoring issues isn’t good for anyone.  Deal with your energy zappers, motivation suckers, underperformers and managers who don’t know how to manage – get them some help!

Listen to your team, ask for their feedback on how things are going, encourage open and honest insights so you can overcome issues together and see these as a team challenge rather than personal towards whoever might be leading that particular project.

Sort out an effective communication flow, review and streamline your processes to remove unnecessary effort, saving time and money.  Plan, do and review your tasks and reflect on outcomes and grasp lessons learned and share a common goal.  Learning needs to be key to everything to inform better future decisions.

We can help you create and take these steps towards a positive and supportive working environment which will flow into the relationships between individuals.  If you need some help with a team that’s not firing on all cylinders, contact us and we can discuss how we could work help you achieve a high performing team.  Manager engagement is crucial to success as they play a key role in enabling high performing teams by removing any barriers to success.


  • Creating a fantastic environment for your people to thrive – employees interested in their roles, with a stimulating environment and feedback on their performance
  • Change is embraced, challenging the status quo is encouraged and time is given to think and be creative
  • Save the time needed to make better decisions and for learning and development
  • Using a Plan, Do, Review process gives you chance to learn and improve
  • Improved communication, efficiency and harmony
  • Contribues to a healthy working environment where the results and improved productivity and morale speak for themselves!

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