We are all busier, right?

We feel strongly that employees nor managers should feel excessive stress from their work. How you earn a living should not affect your health. Despite there being a raft of health and safety legislation around this, it is still commonplace and is definitely not people and businesses working well. Talking about stress is still taboo in many organisations and considered a sign of weakness. Serious culture change is needed to break the cycle. We all know that some good “stress” can be healthy for us and give us the adrenaline we need to see a job through and escape away from danger if needs be.

However, if our bodies and minds feel we are facing that danger everyday, (from excessive unrealistic workload or unsupportive environments where we don’t have what we need to deliver) they will not be able to cope and this is when (in trying to protect us), our bodies experience the side effects of “bad stress” such as irritableness, weight gain, lack of interest in our appearance, no time for friends or relaxing, lethargy, difficulty sleeping, becoming emotional and moody, headaches and appetite loss to name a few.

Unfortunately, most of us know someone who is going through this right now and you may well have been there yourself until you saw the light, realising it doesn’t have to be like this……..

We can help with wellbeing awareness for your management team and your employees and get the conversation started in your organisation that it’s ok and expected to ask your manager for help with prioritising your work when you can’t do everything and question work relationships that aren’t effective or supportive.  You shouldn’t have to ask for feedback on your performance to know you are meeting your employer’s expectations, this should be integral to how your manager supports your role.



  • Legal obligations and moral responsibility to prevent physical or mental harm from work
  • Eliminate the negative effects of stress creating a supportive culture and genuine team spirit
  • Save money from lost productivity from those overloaded who keep coming to work but are too busy to see “the wood for the trees” and those who you’ve not caught early enough who are off sick
  • Healthy and positive work environment where employees are well supported to excel, they stay because they want to and are able to do their best for the business

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