How healthy is your workplace?

Concerned about the number of people problems in your organisation?  Do you have a clear process to identify problems, work them through, agree changes in your organisation and check they are working?  Do you understand the personality of your organisation, the attitudes and beliefs that influence behaviour?  If something is out of kilter impacting negatively on morale, then it’s time to take a step back and get help.

Some symptoms you may recognise:stressed-man

  • A lack of positive leadership
  • A high turnover
  • A high number of disciplinary/grievance cases
  • Demotivated colleagues
  • Low confidence to meet business goals
  • Negative culture
  • Resistance to change
  • Hgh absenteeism
  • Low job satisfaction

We can help you turn this around

We can come on site and carry out a thorough and supportive review of your existing policies and people processes, contracts of employment, company handbooks, employee stats and chat to your people, run focus groups, spend time with your managers and see what causes them issues. We offer a holistic review of the issues through meeting key stakeholders and getting a real understanding of your aims for the team and identifying the barriers.

We will carry out a data gathering exercise to benchmark what the stats say to ensure that any suggestions for improvement are based on facts and not just feelings. When we say stats, we mean e.g. turnover rates, the hours are people working v their contracted hours, overtime figures if you pay it, what benefits you offer, what were the results of your last employee engagement survey (if you run them) or what’s the current morale of the team. Are people happy and enthusiastic to come to work? How do you celebrate success? Does strong performance get rewarded?

How do you handle things when a mistake is made? What’s the culture of the business, the unwritten ground rules (e.g. “Don’t work too fast, they’ll give you more to do” attitude or “we’re all in it together”) that you all know are there but no one really addresses? Do they support or thwart the business?

Using a proven matrix covering all common areas, we can simply and quickly establish the root cause of issues and where value can be added to your business by taking action. Advice and support is always available to assist you on your journey to your people and business working well.


  • Benchmark where you are today against best practice
  • Shows your employees you care and want to improve the environment for everyone
  • Save money from wasted effort and increase engagement by identifying where you want to be and a clear roadmap how to get there together
  • Understand the steps you need to take to be legally compliant

If this feels a bit overwhelming and you’d like some support, get in touch to organise your free consultation to talk things through and what the best solution for your business might be.

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