Does your performance management system work for you and your employees?

How do you know you might ask?  If you do, then it isn’t working.  There is only any point to a performance management system if it drives better results.

We’re talking about how you handle one to one’s if you have them, your routines for tasking and checking milestones, meeting targets, regular 2 way feedback, quarterly reviews…… is there an annual review linked to pay, what’s your plan, do, review process?

Do you upskill your people and create realistic career paths to retain talent?  What does success look like?

Do your managers have the skills and confidence to deliver constructive feedback to coach their people?

If this all causes you headaches, we really can help offering an independent review of your existing systems and getting to know your organisation, goals and objectives for people management and either advise you on an Action Plan to get you where you want to be or devise this with you and provide training and guidance to your people to roll this out.


  • Everyone understands what’s expected and how their role fits into the bigger picture
  • Contribution leading to job satisfaction and pride in work is easy to see
  • Drives improved performance
  • Priorities are clear and everyone knows where they are heading saving you money through focused effort
  • Upskilled managers will commit to performance management recognising the benefits to themselves and in turn drive business success
  • Develops clear career paths, succession plans and a talent pipeline to motivate high performers and retain and develop your top talent

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