We want our clients to feel well supported and provided with accurate and useful advice to address their people problems and to use the range of HR tools at our disposal to your benefit.

For Different HR, it’s all about whatever it takes to have “people and business working well”

Relationships do get damaged and sometimes can be irretrievable.  Often, when you overcome miscommunication and misinterpretation between people, things often aren’t actually as they seemed.  We all perceive things that aren’t there and interpret meanings and intent according to our understanding of the world, (how we’ve been brought up, our values and beliefs etc) which is likely to be different from the person who gave the message.  This has a massive impact on how we feel, which of course then leads to most of us REACTING to a situation and making things worse.

shutterstock_306972557We enjoy helping people understand there’s a different perspective to our behaviour and you can choose to RESPOND to influences around you, good or bad, you just need some understanding of people behaviour to do this.

Many organisations do a great job of delivering whatever their business or objective is, but overlook how their employees, workers or volunteers are treated along the way. All they can see is the necessity to deliver, whatever the cost. Ensuring your management team have great skills as well as being first rate at their area of expertise is such a common mistake that can cost organisations dearly, not only financially, but by reputation and retention.

Most employers rely on their people playing a key role to address the multitude of challenges they face, yet many forget to nurture talent and treat them well so they want to stay.  Career paths and development often ignored in favour of fighting the fires of today – then it’s a surprise when you recognise there’s a high turnover and massive loss of knowledge and skills!  Disruption follows, costing you a fortune to replace, if that’s even possible and morale takes a hit whilst those left behind muddle along.  We’ll all have worked somewhere like this, but as it is self inflicted, it’s a cycle that can be broken with some effort.

Long term sustainability can be yours in a thriving, healthy and engaged team where you naturally are able to retaining your nurtured top talent.  They won’t want to go!

Employees who LOVE to work for you are your best potential asset.  (We assume they are also good at their job!)

Don’t let poor people practices or ineffective managers be the reason your business loses top talent, who know they deserve better!

Do you have managers able to hold honest conversations with their team giving constructive feedback so they can improve and grow? If not, we can help.  This is where so many things go wrong:

  • Managers who don’t have these skills avoid some of their responsibilities
  • Employees gets frustrated and either become disruptive, demotivated or leave costing you time and money

Do you keep you up to date with changes in employment law and understand what you need to do to be complaint?

Too busy, we can help.

Employees – a business’ most valuable assets or the most challenging part of running any organisation? As you can’t do it without them, your only way forward is to get wise and learn a few key skills.

Unpredictable, employees get sick and they decide how engaged they will be on any given day in response to influences around them. Striking the balance between giving people freedom to deliver their roles and ensuring outcomes are achieved can feel like walking a tightrope.

We work supportively with you to find the best SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR PEOPLE PROBLEMS

Dread people problems and feel poorly prepared to deal with them?  No problem, we thrive on helping you resolve problems and looking at business objectives rather than HR objectives to strengthen your expertise for the future.  We use creative problem solving and provide the tools and support to make sustainable things happen!

Managers can learn these skills, they just need the opportunity and some encouragement and of course to be held to account to apply their learning!

Results are achieved through a variety of quality solutions, including:

  • Practical and quality HR expertise
  • Advice and guidance
  • Training and development
  • Onsite Organisation/People Health Checks
  • Online courses, “one to one” or “one to many” coaching sessions as no one size fits all!

Have a look at what Different HR has to offer, we’d love to hear from you to chat about your needs and how we can help you achieve success or that longstanding HR project you just aren’t getting time for – we will be glad to help or signpost you on if that’s better for you!

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