Developed with you in mind, offering affordable flexible learning when it suits you

Our courses are really practical teaching you what you need to know to handle a whole range of situations in the workplace.

We like to think this is a guide through those things that no one really ever tells you and you may or not work out for yourself along the way.

What we want for you – is to be a great manager.  Because if you are, life will be easier for you and all the people you manage and the productivity, fun and results in your team will speak for themselves.

We are developing a range of e-learning solutions to assist anyone who already has or aspires to have responsibility for people management.

Whether your organisation is large odifferenthr_logo_icon_on_whiter small, certain knowledge and practical skills are essential for the confidence to handle everyday issues effectively.

Whether you are an aspiring Manager wanting to get ahead of the game and upskill so you are in a strong position  when an opportunity arises or an existing manager that never really got to grips with the people stuff involved in management and prefer to avoid it, then these courses are perfect for you!

Sorting out your management toolkit really is the starting point for you to achieve these outcomes and much more.

Why do employers expect someone to be able to manage just because they are good at their day job?

We wouldn’t expect a builder to build a house without training and qualifications and a plan to follow, so why try to manage people without the skills and knowledge to be effective.  You probably weren’t given a choice, once upon a time someone offered you a promotion involving taking over managing x and y and z, so as you couldn’t have one without the other, you took it.  How hard can this management lark be?

You may have been lucky and had the easiest of employees to manage, but most of us will recognise some horrendous experiences because we weren’t equipped to deal with them and that soon becomes a big problem.  Enter stress, headaches, not wanting to go to work, disliking your job, your employer for putting you in this situation, irritated by your “difficult” colleague – all avoidable if only you had been given chance to build your toolkit.  It’s never too late, now is your chance.

If you were one of the lucky ones, our Management Essentials Toolkit online course provides an update to your existing skill set and best practice knowledge to be an effective people manager who enjoys their role!

What you will learn includes: 

  • Employment law essentials and practical skills for your toolkit
  • Recruitment and selection of employees and the importance of induction
  • Attendance management – lateness, short and long term sickness, time off for dependants
  • Inclusivity
  • Creating a family friendly working environment
  • Wellbeing of self and team
  • Performance Management that works
  • Handling behaviour and conduct issues

What you need to give?

Time and some effort, if you can’t invest that in yourself, then you’re not ready to take charge of your career.  These courses take approximately 2 hours.  Less time than a night out at the cinema. If you engage with the interactive sessions, focus on the outcomes, reflect on your life experiences to put the learning into context, you will easily be able to apply the learning straight away.


  • Once you sign up to take the course, learn in your own time
  • Improved confidence from your updated knowledge
  • Opening up a brighter future through increased confidence and earnings potential
  • Affordable way to enhance your essential knowledge and skills to get ahead
  • Ability to take charge of your own development
  • Ability to apply the learning straight away

For more information please see our online courses section.

Ask yourself these Q’s, if you answer yes to any of them, our online courses will really help:

  • Do you want to feel in control, confident, happy and well at work and home?
  • Do you want to get rid of the stress of the daily grind?
  • Do you believe there’s got to be a better way to live your life?