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HR is no longer about hiring and firing…..

Nor is it about tea and sympathy or being the “HR Police”, checking what you have or haven’t done, nor handling conversations other Managers can’t bear to have!  This is not to say we don’t offer a supportive response to anyone that needs our help.

HR offers so much more adding value for example, through business partnering, developing useful metrics to use HR analytics to drive informed strategic decisions and gain competitive edge.

HR is also about enabling everyone including Managers to be the best they can be contributing to creating the right culture and environment for everyone to thrive.

Consultancy simply means we listen to your challenges to understand your business as we get to the heart of the issues and advise on your options. We are all about people and business working well and helping you navigate and overcome all that can thwart this. We do this through helping you keep up with employment law and advise on what you need to do to stay compliant. If you want to stop worrying and burning precious time on people problems (because you aren’t sure what you can do) and spend more time concentrating on your business, get in touch.

We work supportively with you to find the best outcome using creative problem solving and provide the tools and support to make sustainable things happen!


  • Upskill your management team and so many problems will go away
  • Happier engaged workforce respecting their Manager for being managerial no longer avoiding situations
  • Specialist knowledge and experience ready to help your business today
  • Save time problem solving by using our friendly and supportive services
  • Flexible over meeting your needs, recognising you may need help out of standard office hours or have an urgent HR issue

Different HR is on a crusade to make a difference and contribute to people and business working well.

We will strive towards this goal through educating others to change attitudes towards HR and the raw deal for some Managers who haven’t been given the support they should have.  Not forgetting the poor people they’ve “managed” without knowing what they were doing!  Whilst they could have helped themselves, as employers you have a responsibility towards them.

We offer the full range of HR services from ad hoc advice and guidance to policy/handbook writing and review to helping you sort out your people problems offering employee relations (ER) support such as advising on handling conduct issues, investigations and grievances or offering independence helping you hear these.

We can help you meet your legal obligations and keep up with employment law.

Advising on anything from attendance and performance management systems, inclusivity audits and organisational development to recruitment and selection and people strategies such as mental health and wellbeing or reward and recognition schemes.

If you would like to discuss your specific needs, we’d love to see how we can help!

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