We’d like to take a few moments to share some insights you might recognise and confirm that you are in the right place if you need a hand with some of your people practices!

We are keen to engage and build positive long lasting relationships with clients to be the first point of contact whether you need HR or Development support you can trust, so you can concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

Most businesses rely on their people playing a key role to address the multitude of challenges they face, yet forget to nurture talent and treat them well so they want to stay.  Career paths and development are so often overlooked in favour of fighting the fires of today.

With some effort, long term sustainability can be yours through retaining your nurtured top talent.

Employees who LOVE to work for you are your best potential asset.  (We assume they are also good at their job!) Don’t let poor managers or inadequate people practices be the reason your business loses top talent who aren’t prepared to tolerate this as they know they deserve better!

Do you have managers able to hold honest conversations with their team giving constructive feedback so they can improve and grow?

If not, we can help, this is where so many things go wrong.  Managers who don’t have these skills avoid some of their responsibilities.  The employee gets frustrated and either disruptive, demotivated or leaves costing you time and money.

Do you keep you up to date with changes in employment law and understand what you need to do to be complaint?  If you are too busy to keep an eye on this, we can help.

Do you dread people problems and feel poorly prepared to deal with them?  No problem, we thrive on helping you resolve problems with staff and looking at business objectives rather than HR objectives to strengthen your expertise for the future we do this through training, online courses and one to one coaching support.  Managers can learn these skills, they just need the opportunity.

Results are achieved through a variety of quality solutions ranging from practical and quality HR expertise, advice and guidance, training and development, onsite Organisation/People Health Checks where we can establish exactly where issues are that need sorting out to reduce any barriers to success in your business.  Online courses and one to one or one to many coaching sessions are available as no one size fits all!

do you support your people so they are ready to leave, but choose to stay?

We make life easier and advise you as little or as much as you need. Our aim is to work with you so that when we walk away, you are in a stronger position and better equipped to face the people challenges of the future.

We take great pride in resolving issues and seeing the transformation of businesses and individuals.

Our HR services include:

To complement the HR consultancy side of our business, our development services include:

Have a look at what Different HR has to offer, we can help you achieve success or that longstanding HR project you just aren’t getting time to progress – we will be glad to help or signpost you on if that’s better for you!