Mental wellbeing in 8 easy steps

Try 2 a week and you’ll see the difference!

1 – Make time for you everyday to relax, even if only 15 minutes in the bath! Build in time to get ready and travel to work to prevent rushing. Plan breaks, time for eating and your kids/anyone else that depends on you. Most of us power through hoping for the best. Adding structure gives you back control.

2 – Look at what you eat – do you eat breakfast, would you expect your kids to be on top form without any energy? Why are you different? Planning meals saves a fortune on food bills, reduces waste and encourages you to eat more healthily.

3 – Control your thoughts – share what’s on your mind, (avoid repeating what’s annoyed you as you’ll only reinforce the frustrations and keep yourself in the past!) Make a note of things to do/deadlines. Be realistic – we are our own worst enemies when setting expectations too high. Clearing your mind gives focus on what’s important.

4 – Keep a gratitude diary – record 5 things every day you have achieved and are thankful for. This encourages positive thoughts. Things go wrong and sad things happen, but there’s usually something to lift your spirits, could be the welcome from your dog/cat when you arrive home!

5 – Fresh air – spending too long indoors can have a negative impact on how we feel. Get fresh air and daylight everyday if possible to change your physiology. A walk is ideal. Use your senses to take in what’s around you, like flowers or birdsong and you’ll naturally slow the pace of life, improving your wellbeing and re-energise yourself.

6 – Exercise – we all know the positive mental health benefits, so find something you enjoy and build this into your routine.

7 – Sleep – Get enough sleep, the Sleep Foundation recommend 26 – 64 year olds get between 7 and 9 hours sleep a day.

8 – Budget – boring as it may seem to work out your finances, money worries will have a negative impact on our wellbeing. When times are tough, it’s more important to budget so you can take action.

Finally, Just be.


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