Managing people is recognised as being difficult, YET KEY TO SUCCESS

So, why do business leaders continue to overlook the importance of equipping managers with the knowledge and skills required.

Good peodifferenthr_logo_spiro_blueple management makes good business sense and naturally enables people and business working well together.

However busy you might be, taking control back is much easier once you’ve been completed some training and been supported to learn the skills you need. We make sure you feel confident moving forwards and have a clear idea how to achieve your goals. Different HR’s motivation comes from a desire to improve the quality of working lives for as many people as possible. Striving to assist individuals with their personal and professional development to be their best selves and find satisfaction, pride and enjoyment from their work.

With 20 years of experience in commercial and public sector HR, with integrity and credibility at the heart of what we do, we have developed a portfolio of knowledge and expertise in developing others.

Having successfully coached a number of individuals to excel in their roles, gain promotions and simply understand their responsibilities and role, handling competing demands to lead a more positive life in control.  We know given the opportunity, if you are ready, we will be able to focus you and genuinely unlock your potential.

We probably all know what it feels like to have a manager that drives you to distraction at work! To be fair, it’s probably not always their fault as it very much depends on the support they’ve had to develop the skills they need or whether they’ve realised they can go out and learn this themselves!

None of us are perfect, but let’s be real, Managers don’t wake up in the morning and decide today they are going to be awkward, indecisive and a bear with a sore head if anyone asks them any questions. Over the years, I have learnt that this is almost always down to fear and a defence mechanism as they don’t know how to cope with their roles.

Management style and behaviour is driven by how comfortable they are in that role.

We’ve developed a range of solutions for each stage of your career

With some help, you will become a better and more confident manager, competent in the skills you need and learn that employees aren’t difficult, their behaviour is. You can learn how to improve this by acknowledging something has trigged this reaction leading to this behaviour. The most effective way to change behaviour in others is by changing how you interact with your people.

You’ll be surprised at the difference in how your team responds when you become more aware of how your interactions affect their reactions and adjust your style accordingly!

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Whether you are considering a career in management or already a people manager, this isn’t something you become because of a new job title. Not everyone is cut out for what this role needs.  It’s common for people to be promoted beyond their capabilities which is unfair of the organisation.  Although you can learn what to do, many successful managers have a charisma in how they deliver which makes all the difference.  Of course you get natural leaders whose personalities really suit managerial roles, influencing and persuading comes with ease making for harmonious teams working towards common goals.  There is trust even if there isn’t always agreement they are making the right decisions.  These are the managers and leaders you want in your organisation, those who inspire you and who you would no question always go the extra mile for.  More often it’s a real struggle trying to be something you don’t know how to be and can take years to develop into.  We want to help you find out if management is right for you, by providing great management development so you can feel good about your job and you never know even enjoy it!  If it turns out it’s not, no problem, we can help you find a more fulfilling direction that is right for you!  Far better that than be miserable for the rest of your career trying to be something you are not.

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