Maybe you have not long started in your first managerial role and you are settling into the job, getting used to how different it feels to have people refer to you for advice, to answer their questions and provide direction.  You’ve not really had much help with the transition. Your employer may be full of good intentions to arrange some management training or even allocate you a coach, but they are busy and you seem to be doing ok, so it’s not seen as a priority. Your manager has the view that they had to “sink or swim” so why shouldn’t that be the same for you?  You’d quite like some guidance and training as you know there are gaps in your knowledge that make you doubt yourself at times. You don’t want to be high maintenance and you keep being told you are doing well, so you don’t want to ask for training, they might think you can’t cope and weren’t right for the job anyway?

Life would be harder without relying on HR quite a lot and google where you can quickly check a few things out. Your new catchphrase without you realising has become, “Leave it with me, I’ll come back to you” – this buys you precious time to disguise the fact you are unsure or having to say you don’t know.

Well, firstly don’t worry about not knowing all the answers, you’re only human, we can’t know everything and it’s better to acknowledge that than be an arrogant know it all, all you need to do is find out and get back to them, so you are half way there if you use the technique above!

Do you worry about what the working day might bring and avoid making decisions you know you should be as the consequences might cause you grief you don’t know how to cope with?

  • Would you like to sleep well the night before chairing a disciplinary meeting or dealing with underperformance?
  • Are you fed up with feeling stressed, having no time for you or the things that matter in your life?
  • Do you want to feel confident in how you approach your role everyday even if you don’t know how to do a particular task?

We’ve developed a range of solutions for people managers just like you at each stage of your career.

It’s often the case that those around you will be telling you that “this is a great development opportunity”, to learn on the job and that’s how they learnt. We’d agree it is a great opportunity. BUT, it doesn’t have to be made more difficult for you. There’s every argument in the book for your employer to capitalise on this opportunity by investing in your journey.  You need support to build your management toolkit, so you really can learn as you go, putting your new skills into practice every day.


  • Establish what you already know and understand using the Evaluation Tool on the Homepage – this will highlight your development areas
  • Create your own Action Plan of what you need to learn and how you will achieve this – we can provide a free template to help you
  • Allocate time to your development, taking any opportunities to stretch you outside your comfort zone (try something new everyday mentality – we don’t mean food!)
  • Research what you don’t know how to do (it’s never been easier thanks to search engines) and crack on!

Once you’ve got to stage 4 and reflected on where you are and what’s missing, you’ve made great progress!  With our time saving free tools, you’re half way there.


No matter how much you’d like to progress, if you know you’ll struggle to work out the content for your Action Plan or are short of time, no problem, we can do this for you for only £75.  This includes reviewing your Evaluation Tool results and turning this into a bespoke Development Action Plan with tasks to enable learning, relevant references to research and where to find quality online resources and training tools to build your knowledge and start to fill any gaps.  Then you’re good to get started.

To hold you to account, we will contact you a month after devising your Development Action Plan to check on your progress and if you want to, you are welcome to send us weekly updates if this will motivate you to stay on track and we can offer relevant advice during that first month to make sure you get off to a flying start.

Once you have started your journey, check out what else we offer, our online courses in practical management skills, our blogs and our coaching services.  These are all designed to help support you to becoming a good or even better manager!

Our Management Essentials Toolkit Online Course is a perfect opportunity for you to refresh yourself on key skills including fair recruitment and selection, how to be an inclusive manager and handle misconduct.

If you feel this is too low a starting point for you, check out the Advanced Management Toolkit Online Course  covering more complex management scenarios you may face such as chairing a disciplinary hearing, hearing a grievance appeal or declining a flexible working request.

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